Funicular Jáchymov - Klínovec

Funicular Jáchymov - Klínovec

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Above sea level: 1244 m.
Phone:+420-474 396 236
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Position and access:
The lower station of chair lift is situated about 3km from the centre of town Jachymov, the upper station is situated about 3km from the highest situated town in Czech republic – Boží Dar. The lower station is located in the elevation 802m and the upper in 1238m, the super elevated is 745m.

Description of funicular and services:
The chair lift is long 1685m, the ride takes 15minutes. The chair lift transport tourist and bikers in the summer time. We offer program for bikes which help you to ride your bike at the surrounding of Klínovec, without difficult rise. We have five marked round trips (10-20km) which takes you in town Boží Dar, in village Loučná pod Klínovcem and Suchá, which offers ... more >>

Franchisee: Ski areál Klínovec

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